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Research Associate

Biology Program, NYU Abu Dhabi

Email: are6747[at]

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B.Sc. Zoology, Benha University

M.Sc. Zoology, Benha University

Ph.D. Marine Biology/Symbiosis Genomics, James Cook University

Amin is generally interested in genomics research, utilizing different next-gen sequencing applications to understand biological systems at different molecular levels. In 2012, he joined Prof. David Miller’s lab at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies at James Cook University, Australia for his PhD on understanding host-symbiont interactions during the establishment of coral-algal symbioses. Following his PhD, Amin completed a postdoctoral fellowship at CSIRO, Australia with Dr. James Kijas, working to understand the onset of sexual maturation in Atlantic salmon using a multi-tissue, multi-omics approach. In 2020, Amin held a postdoc position at GEOMAR in Germany, where he was involved in RNA-seq and WGS experiments within the "IMMUBASE" project aimed at understanding immune priming in basal marine invertebrates. He then returned to Brisbane to join the University of Queensland. There, he was involved in the "AgingAtlas" project aimed at understanding transcriptional networks underlying both cellular reprogramming and aging in mice. Now, in the Marine Microbiomics Lab at NYUAD, he uses various 'omics applications to understand coral holobiont adaptation to climate change.

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Selected Publications

A.R. Mohamed, M.A. Ochsenkühn, A.M. Kazlak, A. Moustafa, S.A. Amin (2023). The coral microbiome: Towards an understanding of the molecular mechanisms of coral-microbiota interactions. FEMS Microbiol. Rev., 47, fuad005.

A.R. Mohamed, N. Andrade, A. Moya, C.X. Chan, A.P. Negri, D.G. Bourne, H. Ying, E.E. Ball, D.J. Miller (2020). Dual RNA-sequencing analyses of a coral and its native symbiont during the establishment of symbiosis. Molecular Ecology. 29, 3921-3937.

A.R. Mohamed, V.R. Cumbo, S. Harii, C. Shinzato, C.X. Chan, M.A. Ragan, N. Satoh, E.E. Ball, D.J. Miller (2018). Deciphering the nature of the coral–Chromera association. ISME J. 12, 776-790.

A.R. Mohamed, V. Cumbo, S. Harii, C. Shinzato, C.X. Chan, M.A. Ragan, D.G. Bourne, B.L. Willis, E.E. Ball, N. Satoh, D.J. Miller (2016). The transcriptomic response of the coral Acropora digitifera to a competent Symbiodinium strain: the symbiosome as an arrested early phagosome. Molecular Ecology. 25, 3127-3141.

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