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Salah Abdelrazig

Research Associate

Biology Program, NYU Abu Dhabi

Email: salah.abdelrazig[at]


B.Pharm. (Hons.), University of Khartoum

M.Pharm. University of Khartoum

M.Sc. Loughborough University

Ph.D. University of Nottingham

Salah's expertise lies in metabolomics with a focus on utilizing high-resolution mass spectrometry to investigate the metabolic signature of different biological systems. Salah has been interested in questions relating to environmental impact, perturbed metabolic pathways and disease processes. In 2012, Salah began his Ph.D. under the supervision of Prof. David Barret where he developed diverse methodologies to investigate clinical biomarkers associated with gut microbiota, malaria, and osteoarthritis. Following his Ph.D., Salah worked as a Research Fellow to optimize bacterial fermentation for the production of biofuels and green chemicals. In subsequent roles as a Research Officer and Facility Manager at University of Nottingham, Salah was responsible for metabolomics in diverse projects and collaborations. Seeking further expertise, Salah joined Pharmaron UK, as a specialist on radiolabelled chemistry and metabolism. In 2023, Salah joined Prof. Amin's lab at NYU Abu Dhabi as a Research Associate. Salah's main interest is to harness metabolomics to better understand coral symbiosis and its adaptation to climate change, as well as diatoms and their interactions with their microbiome and the influence of these relations on climate change. Salah is also involved in various collaborations involving metabolomics and small molecule analyses.

Selected Publications

Andrea-Lorena Garduño-Jiménez, Juan-Carlos Durán-Álvarez, Catharine A Ortori, Salah Abdelrazig, David A Barrett, Rachel L Gomes (2023). Delivering on sustainable development goals in wastewater reuse for agriculture: initial prioritization of emerging pollutants in the Tula Valley, Mexico. Water Research, 238, 119903.

Sophie Vaud, Nicole Pearcy, Marko Hanževački, Alexander M.W. Van Hagen, Salah Abdelrazig, Laudina Safo, Muhammad Ehsaan, Magdalene Jonczyk, Thomas Millat, Sean Craig, Edward Spence, James Fothergill, Rajesh Reddy Bommareddy, Pierre-Yves Colin, Jamie Twycross, Paul A. Dalby, Nigel P. Minton, Christof M. Jäger, Dong-Hyun Kim, Jianping Yu, Pin-Ching Maness, Sean Lynch, Carrie A. Eckert, Alex Conradie, Samantha J. Bryan (2021). Engineering improved ethylene production: Leveraging systems biology and adaptive laboratory evolution. Metabolic Engineering, 67, 308-320.

Abdelrazig, Salah, Safo, Laudina, Rance, Graham A., Fay, Michael W., Theodosiou, Eirini, Top-ham, Paul D., Kim, Dong-Hyun, Fernández-Castané, Alfred (2020). Metabolic characterisation of Magnetospirillum gryphiswaldense MSR-1 using LC-MS-based metabolite profilingRSC Advances, 10, 32548-32560.

Sarah Schatschneider*, Salah Abdelrazig*, Laudina Safo, Anne M. Henstra, Thomas Millat, Dong-Hyun Kim, Klaus Winzer, Nigel P. Minton, David A. Barrett (2018). Quantitative isotope dilution high-resolution mass spectrometry analysis of multiple intracellular metabolites in Clostridium autoethanogenum using uniformly 13C-labelled standards derived from Spirulina. Analytical Chemistry, 90, 4470–4477.

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